2 Killed 7 Captured In Paris Raid

Paris – French police conducted a raid in the early hours of the morning following the atrocious terrorist attack that left over 100 dead last Friday night.  They are reported to have fired 5,000 rounds of ammunition into the suspects two adjacent apartments in Saint-Denis.

The massive raid involved over 100 officers and specially trained K9 units. The assault was not easy as reports are coming out that the main door to the apartment was heavily armored and difficult to open. This allowed the inhabitants time to respond although officers began to bombard the apartment with 5,000 rounds.  So much so, that the building is now on the verge of collapse.

An incredible amount of confusion has been published in the hours since the raid. It was thought that Abdelhamid Abaaoud had been killed in the raid but that is still unconfirmed at the time being. The Paris prosecutor confirmed that he was not among those killed or captured. The apartment revealed that this was another terrorist cell ready to strike again following the attacks on Friday. Luckily, the french policemen were able to neutralize the subjects before they inflicted any more harm. Two suspects, both of which are still unknown, were killed in the siege and another 7 suspects arrested.

In all, French police have carried out 414 raids and made 60 arrests while seizing 75 weapons since Friday. The captured armory includes 11 military-style firearms, 33 rifles and 31 handguns. French authorities now have the 8 in custody which we can only hope will lead to more information regarding other possible cells.

Police officers suffered 5 wounded and lost well loved 7-year-old Belgian Shepherd named Diesel to a female suicide bomber that detonated her belt as police enter the apartment.


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