Dallas Shootings of July 7, 2016

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As most of you know the recent events in Dallas that occurred last night July 7th, 2016 during a Black Lives Matter protest.  Gunmen opened fire on Dallas PD killing 5 and wounding 11 others.  As the events transpired over the night, a lot has come to light recently and we now know much more about what was happened.

Many reports initially are hardly to be trusted as it’s a wash of twitter updates, news streams, and FB posts before any official word on what is actually happening on the ground by people involved in the incident.   It’s important to give it some time to react, but now we know (by the swift actions of the Dallas Police Department and FBI) what actually has happened.

Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, of Texas is being named the “sniper” responsible for the deaths of the policemen.  The nomenclature given to this POS, Army reservist, a carpentry masonry specialist 12W nonetheless, is absolutely horrid.  Even the known media pot stirrers, the NYDailyNews, is at it again, calling him a “decorated reservist”.

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Micah Johnson Was Hardly Decorated

This reservist probably had a bad case of weekend warrior disease.  An ego issue that’s commonly seen among non-active soldiers in war time.  Was he deployed? Yes. What did he do in Afghanistan as a carpentry masonry specialist? Who fucking knows. Who really cares.  He was probably put on a lot of details cleaning latrines and sitting around. From what I’ve seen of support reservists, not a lot happens to them.  I say this as a prior active 11B engaged in combat overseas.

He was awarded the Army Accommodation Medal. Basically an award that says, “Congrats you were deployed.”

“Sniper Trained” ?

Media outlets are quick to pick up a few bits of facts and spin it into a characterization of a scary African-American, ex-Army trained killer.  I’ll say this, no Carpentry Masonry Specialist goes to sniper school or gets ANY priority to attend specialized combat training. ZERO. Not a single one. Especially as a Reservist. Specialty schools have slots and those slots are reserved for Tier 1 Operaters, Special Ops units, and Light Infantry Units.

His “combat skills” amounted to nothing more than range time and probably YouTube videos on how to shoot. Combat skills aren’t in his MOS’s forte. Anyone can shoot a .223 caliber rifle.

All in all, this man was no sniper.

What happens now?

Tactical breakdowns are being published by the good guys at SOFREP.com. For expert breakdowns of how the Dallas PD responded, check out their article by Drew Dwyer, a former Marine and CIA officer now turned damned good writer.

Black Lives Matter activists are staging rallies around the country today and throughout the weekend.  A similar event could occur again but don’t fear these groups. I’m not one for putting myself in crowds but if you are to attend, be aware of your surroundings and stay vigilant.

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