Planned Parenthood Attack Claims Veteran Life

The tragic shooting that left 3 dead at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic was horrifying, committed by a lone hermit with a distaste for the government and progressive policies.  What’s worse to note is that all 3 victims were parents who will never see their children again.

The shooting left behind Ke’Arre Stewart, an Iraq veteran whose actions save the lives of many others inside the clinic. He was shot outside the building when he was searching for cell service and ran inside to warn others of an attacker outside the building. Most people would tuck tail and leave the scene as soon as possible.  Service men and women have a duty to their country and others that is engrained within them long after they leave the military.

This isn’t the first time veterans have stepped up to save others in the wake of public emergencies. Chris Mintz, a 10 year Army veteran, was shot 7 times during the Umpqua Community College shooting  where he charged the attacker.

Ke’Arre’s family has set up a GoFundme page where you can donate to his family.

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