How To Survive Shooting The AR-15

Gersh Kuntzman

Will an AR15 Give You PTSD Like a Bomb?

Many of us know the AR-15 and it’s brothers the M-16 and M4 are devastatingly, terrifying to shoot.  As confirmed earlier this week following the Orlando mass shooting at Pulse Night Club, tactical journalist, Gersh Kuntzman wrote an article about his timely encounter with the most deadliest of weapons here.

The AR15 Will Bruise Your Shoulder And Spirit

Gersh Kuntzman and a few other of his buddies visited a shooting range called Double Tap Shooting Range and Gun Shop to test the AR-15, possibly his first time firing a rifle. Although he has shot pistols before (gasp!), this was his first experience with the ever popular AR-15.  After shooting a few rounds, Kuntzman noted that he had episodes of PTSD (which he has apologized for since using the term) lasting hours after firing the weapon.  He said, “It felt to me like a bazooka — and sounded like a cannon” and “the recoil bruised my shoulder, which can happen if you don’t know what you’re doing”.

The Need For Proper Training

Well it is clear, Kuntzman. You don’t know what you’re doing.  Not one bit.  It takes training to properly fire a rifle accurately and effectively without injuring yourself. However, it’s very important to note that firing a .556 rifle is fucking simple.  It’s a peashooter.  It’s lightweight. It’s easy to squeeze rounds down range and is not loud by any means.  Unless of course you’re firing it in closed quarters without ear protection.

I wouldn’t expect a journalist to react to fire in a combat theater without any prior training and get out alive.  Why would I expect him to have a positive experience shooting a basic rifle?  Why would any of us?  He’s received tons of hate mail since the article was posted on NYDailyNews and justifyingly so.  When you say the rifle sounds “like a bomb” and then claim to have PTSD, do you really expect to not get angry emails by hundreds of combat vets?

Kuntzman, have you ever experienced a bomb before? How would you know what it sounds like?  Pro tip: When you’re hit by one, you don’t hear it at all.

He’s been very proud of his work too. He’s calling his story and the ensuing news that followed a “Badge of Honor”

But all is well, Gersh.  Not everyone can handle the most basic of rifles. Even if you see it as complicated and terrifying, PTSD inducing, loud as a bomb… the list goes on.

And to address all those that are calling you “less of a man” and in some cases not a man at all, ignore it as I’m sure you have  oh wait, you responded to it here.  Well, fml.  Just stick to writing your articles; stay away from firearms. You’ll end up injuring yourself and others if you keep it up.  We don’t want you bruising any more of your body parts, callusing your hands, or doing anything to keep you from writing the good word.

Bless your heart.

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