The Most Badass Destroyer Goes To Sea

Bath Iron Works out of Maine is finally releasing the Zumwalt-class destroyer for open seas testing at the request of the Navy. The controversially expensive (think $22.5 billion for 2015) Naval destroyer program has exceeded budgets but is now getting the go ahead for it’s testing phase.

USS Zumwalt in dry dock.

The USS Zumwalt has a radar cross section the size of a normal fishing boat but packs advanced weapon systems and radar, an integrated power system that reduces it’s thermal signature and magnetic propulsion systems.

The USS Zumwalt left Bath, Maine this morning to local onlookers after watching it being completed for over a year. Weighing in at over 15,000 tons and 600 feet long, the stealthy Naval destroyer draws a small blip on the radar for being so large.

We’re hoping to see this beauty put to work!

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