Primitive Survivors Filtration Straw

Primitive Survivors Filtration Straw

What’s Your Water Plan When SHTF?

Every survival kit, whether used for a future disaster, or taken along on an outdoor adventure, needs a water filtration straw. Home emergency planning should also include a way to get clean water. A filtering straw is economical, easy to use, and requires no additional preparation. A product like the Primitive Survivors Filtration Straw is suitable for many different survival situations.

Clean, safe drinking water is becoming scarce. Many communities are one flood or disaster away from dealing with a contaminated water system. Some communities ration water during periods of drought. Even when safeguards are in place, older infrastructure can be breached, leading to contamination. A filtering straw is handy for such situations. Why wait for local authorities to begin issuing bottled water or cleaning up the current system. Local grocery stores and retailers will run out of bottled water supplies before you know it. Having a backup plan can help families avoid water borne illness.

Primitive Survivors Filtration StrawPrimitive Survivors Filtration Straw

A filtering straw is a necessary item to take along on a camping trip, backpacking adventure, or other high adventure. Taking along enough bottled drinking water is not practical. Campgrounds and parks may provide access to water. But, you never know what contaminants may be present in older water systems. A filter that removes most harmful organisms provides extra assurance of clean, drinkable water.

Those who hike away from common areas will need to rely on rivers and streams, as a source of drinking water. Even those water sources can contain harmful organisms and pollutants, no matter how clean and clear they look. Water filtration straws are ideal for such situations. They don’t require any advanced preparation and can be used with any BPA free container, including most water bottles. At around 2 ounces, a water straw is easy to fit in a backpack or fanny pack.

Water Filtration For Preppers

Many survivalists plan for water, by building storage contains and burying them out of sight. But, depending on the type of disaster, such water storage systems may be breached by government officials or may become contaminated. Having a way to work around contaminated water sources is the best way to stay healthy, in the event of a national disaster or state of emergency. Bottled water only lasts so long and many survivalists simply don’t have room for more than a few months supply. The Primitive Survivors Filtration straw for every member of the family won’t break the budget and can be used when clean water sources become scarce. It’s always a good idea to have backups just in case.

How To Use the Primitive Survivors Filtration Straw

There is no preparation needed to use a filtration straw. This is why many people who travel to developing countries take along this device. It may be impossible to take along enough bottled water, for the entire trip. A filtering straw can be a life saver, when local water sources run the risk of contamination. The devices are light enough and affordable enough that a traveler can easily pack 2 or 3 of them in a bag or carry on. There is no need to worry about water borne illness, when a water filtering straw is handy.

The Primitive Survivors filtration straw is designed to filter about 1,000 quarts of water. If the average person consumes 2 quarts of water each day, this device can last up to two years. For a family of 4, it can last up to 4 months, based on consumption of 2 quarts per day. A single filter will work for nearly any type of outdoor excursion. Though it may not need to be replaced, it may be a good idea to pack a spare, in the event the first filter gets lost or damaged.

Where to buy?

Water filtration straws like the Primitive Survivors model are well worth the small cost. For $29 they provide extra assurance of always having safe drinking water. They work with any water bottle or container and take up little space in a travel bag or backpack. Buy directly from their website at

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