XT808 Tactical Flashlight

Will the XT808 tactical flashlight save your ass from a suicide bomber?

I remember having an incredibly large maglite on our deployment to Afghanistan in 2005.  It was oversized, heavy, and pretty dim. It got the job done when we’d have to use them on night raids, around the FOB (forward operating base) working on vehicles, or on guard. As a 240B gunner, I didn’t have a little 240B machine gunnerSureFire attached to an M4. I had a 7.62mm machine gun with no room to spare on the rails, an M9 attached to my hip, an AT4 rocket launcher right behind me in the turret of the HMMWV and the large maglite that I had secured loosely with zip ties and 550 paracord to the hatch.

When everyone would dismount, I stayed in the turret during vehicle convoys.  At night the flashlight came in handy when we would have to spot check drivers coming up on our position. Dismounted guys would stop them at a distance before anyone got to close for comfort.  Fingers crossed I didn’t have to unload 7.62mm steel rain day in or day out on unsuspecting villagers.  A few commands in Pashto and frozen water bottles usually did the trick. In the case of night time, the maglite would be an extra level of security to spotlight drivers and direct them away from us.

Fast forward a few years later, these flashlights were being replaced by something lighter, brighter and more robust than what we were using.  The bulbs were replaced by high powered LED modules (that could change power levels, a disorienting strobe and send an SOS signal), slim lithium batteries replaced 4 D cell paperweights, and finally they had the ability to zoom in and out. The zoom feature proved itself to be very useful. Combine the zooming lens with the blinding strobe feature and you had a very powerful, yet lightweight weapon you could use to blind anyone coming up to our position in Kabul.  Needless to say, we loved these little suckers.  There were a few times it probably saved our asses too, but I’ll save that for another time.

The XT808 tactical flashlight review

Now I’ve been seeing these lights all over the internet. I really didn’t think that these bright LED flashlights would be available to regular civilians – ever!  But as technology gets better and better, it’s only a matter of time before it’s eventually released to the market for everyone to pick up.

I had the opportunity to get hands on with the best one on the market right now, the XT808 tactical flashlight. This thing was lighter than the ones the military eventually brought on for deployment issue. It’s roughly 5 inches long (when not zoomed out) and weighs practically nothing. The aircraft grade aluminum is the reason this flashlight can keep it’s weight below 5 oz without batteries.  You can’t even tell it’s in your pocket.

XT808 tactical flashlight

It’s 20-30 times brighter than anything I’ve ever used. I played with it in my backyard at night recently showing another Army veteran friend of mine. He was blown away at how bright the XT808 tactical flashlight was. I shined it over at a street light I have near my house and it immediately shut off – obviously, the street light thought it was day time already!

Since, I have bought two of these and have one on my person and one in the car for emergencies just in case I need to either flag someone down or use it on the offensive.  It’s a versatile piece of equipment that everyone should own.  Especially if you travel a lot.  Airlines allow these to be carried on the plane too.   Since it’s has lithium batteries, you can’t check it in luggage.  I always take one with me when I travel for business.

Check out their website PrimitiveSurvivors to see if they have any left in stock and let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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